Leela Cotton Naturtextilien Handels GmbH

Information about LEELA COTTON

LEELA COTTON designs and sells organic cotton textiles for adults and children since 1994. We are a company domiciled in Bremen, Germany, with our production facility being in Izmir, Turkey. Our cotton is grown and produced in Turkey. The entire process from the cultivation and processing of cotton up to the final product is verified by Control Union Certifications (CUC), an independent and internationally approved organisation. According to the “Global Organic Textile Standards” (GOTS), the CUC-certificate guarantees for our place of production in Izmir, Turkey, to meet the following criteria:

Social standards:

  • no child labour (minimum age of workers: sixteen)
  • minimum wages
  • maternity and sickness benefits
  • compliance with industrial safety regulations
  • no forced overtime

Ecological standards:

Cultivation with biological methods:

  • crop rotation, no synthetic fertilizers
  • biological pest control, no pesticides
  • no genetically manipulated plants
  • cotton is handpicked, no defoliants
  • fair prices and contracts for the producers
  • no unnecessary transport routes: the entire process of production takes place in Turkey

Processing of cotton

  • without chemical additives, no pollution of air or water
  • allergy-tested, synthetic dyeing without heavy metals, optical brighteners or chlorine bleach
  • accessories and sewing yarn from natural materials